Where Can I Buy Detox Water?

Despite detox water being easy to make at home, people may be unable to fit the time into their busy day to make this drink. When they lack the time to shop for ingredients or create their ideal detox recipe, they can shop for this beverage in stores. However, unlike soda, coffee, fruit juices, and other popular drinks, detoxes are not routinely advertised in sales bills. People can still find the detox drinks they want for better health by looking in several distinct locations.

First, they should look in their local grocery stores. Many grocery stores, particularly national chain stores, now offer organic food and drinks for people who prefer to avoid commercial brands. In these organic sections, stores may sell detox beverages. The drinks themselves may not be labeled as detoxes, however. The bottles or containers may be labeled as infused water or water with fruit or vegetables. Even so, people can be confident that these beverages are in fact detoxes if they do not contain other ingredients like preservatives, artificial colors, sugar, or caffeine.

Second, people can find detoxes at their local health food stores. These unique retailers specialize in selling food and drinks that are beneficial to people’s health. They also sell products that lack artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, or high doses of sugar. These stores may be more prone to advertise and label detoxes by their true name rather than by names like water blends or water infusions. Moreover, many health food stores have staff on hand who can recommend detoxes to meet customers’ specific health needs. While detoxes are easy to make at home, many people simply are not home long enough to slice fruits and vegetables or clean ingredients needed to make their ideal recipe. Rather than go without this healthful drink, people can buy it in grocery and health food stores.

When Should I Drink Detox Water?

Along with wondering where to buy detox water, people also may wonder when they should drink their detoxes. If they want to detox on a daily basis, they can drink this beverage at least once, if not twice or more a day, ideally before eating a meal. In fact, when they drink it a half hour or 15 minutes before a mealtime, people often notice that they feel fuller from the fiber in the detox. Fiber from the fruits and vegetables help people avoid overeating and also promotes better bowel health after they eat. With that, drinking a detox before a meal can be perfect for people who want to lose weight and avoid overindulging in fatty and high-calorie foods.

Along with drinking detoxes before meals, people can also drink a detox before they go to bed. When they drink this water before going to bed for the night, people help their digestive systems break down the fats in the food they consumed earlier in the day. They also flush out their intestines and bowels and get rid of harmful toxins. They can drink a detox about an hour before they go to bed so that the antioxidants and nutrients have time to go through their digestive system and work their way into people’s bloodstreams as they sleep.

Of course, detoxes can be ideal to drink other times of day when people crave coffee, soda, or sugary drinks. Weaning oneself from sugary beverages can be difficult and the cravings intense. Refreshing detoxes that are full of fruit and vegetable flavors can take the edge off people’s cravings and help them break their coffee, soda, and juice drinking habits.

When Does Detox Water Go Bad?

Because detox water does not contain preservatives or artificial ingredients, they are prone to spoiling if they are not consumed in a timely manner. In fact, the fruit and vegetables in these drinks contribute to their going bad. Detoxes can safely be consumed up to three days after they are made. After the three day mark, they should be poured down the drain and a fresh batch made in their place.

Detoxes are safe for up to three days after their creation as long as they are refrigerated, however. People who leave a detox drink out in the open at room temperature should not drink it after four or five hours after it has been made. The fruit and vegetables in it may have gone bad and harmful bacterial could have started growing in the water. If a person drinks this water, he or she could develop an upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Many detox fans have experimented with canning their detoxes. Experts in detoxing note that canning works best if people boil their ingredients and make infused water. The boiling kills bacteria in the water; canning an infusion immediately after boiling it likewise keeps out bacteria that could cause the drink to go bad.

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