What Is Watermelon Detox Water?

Luscious and vibrantly colored, watermelon is the king of all summertime fruits. People wait patiently all year for watermelons to come into season, usually during the hot summer months of June, July, and August. Despite being 90 percent water, this fruit offers a delicious flavor and packs a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, niacin, choline, manganese, zinc, and potassium. While eating it alone can give a full day’s worth of nutrients, you can reap more benefits when you use it to make a watermelon detox water.

A detox made with watermelon is extremely easy to do in the comforts of your own kitchen. In fact, the recipe does not call for you to blend it like a smoothie; rather it requires that you cut up the watermelon carefully into cubes that you can add to a full glass or container of water. Once made into a detox, your water will transform from a boring, tasteless beverage into a cool, crisp, and refreshing blend with hints of watermelon flavoring. You can add as much or as little of the fruit as you wish to match your unique palate.

Unlike other fruits like grapes, oranges, and strawberries, watermelon may lose a bit of its consistency after it is allowed to sit in the water for awhile. However, this dissolving of the fruit allows the nutrients to mesh better with the detox water and create a more powerful and healthy drink that will help you lose weight, build up your immunity, replenish your skin, and even have shinier hair and teeth. Detoxes with watermelon do not require special skills or a lot of time or energy to create, in fact. If you have time to indulge in this sweet summer treat, you have time to make a watermelon detox that will become your favorite drink of the season.

How To Make Watermelon Detox Water?

Making the perfect watermelon detox does require a bit of attention, particularly because of the fruit’s size and the fact that it has seeds. In fact, even the seedless varieties often still have small white seeds that you may want to remove before using them in a detox recipe. After you have brought home your watermelon from the store or farmer’s market, you should halve it to make it easier to cut the cubes out of for your detox.

Once you have halved the melon, you can then slice one half down the middle and carve out its red flesh. Carving it can be a messy job, which is why you may want to lay down paper towels or use a porous cutting board for this task. Once the flesh is carved out of the rind, you can then cut it into cubes that will fit into your detox water container. Because watermelons are so large, particularly in the summer, you may only use one half of the melon for a single batch of detox.

The fruit cubes should be placed carefully in the bottom of the container before you add any water to it. After you add the water, you can top off the container with a few more chunks of melon. It should be pointed out that you would do well to remove the seeds from the melon cubes as you cut the flesh off the rind. The seeds can be a choking hazard and ruin the appearance and taste of your detox.

Does Watermelon Detox Water Work?

You may be like many people and assume that watermelons rank at the bottom of the list when it comes to picking out a healthy fruit. In your mind, melons may not be as healthy as oranges, apples, or lemons. However, watermelons are exceedingly healthy and offer multitudes of health benefits that put them on par with citrus fruits, apples, grapes, and other favorites. With that, any detox you make with watermelon should meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to helping you feel and look better.

In fact, if you are not a fan of citrus fruit, but want to build a healthy immune system, you can accomplish this goal by adding watermelon to your detox. Watermelon offers you 10 percent of your required daily Vitamin C intake. If you drink several detoxes a day, you can get most of this vitamin that you need for good immunity.

It also brings its own copious amount of water to your detox beverage. This large amount of water will help your bowels move better and flush out the toxins that have taken up residence in your digestive tract. Within a few days’ time after starting your detox, you may notice that you are losing weight and that you have more energy. The extra water also promotes healthier skin and keeps your hair and nails hydrated and refreshed. Your hair may become glossier and your skin may lose wrinkles and damage inflicted by the environment.

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