Should Detox Water Be Refrigerated?

When you are ready to prepare detox water for you to enjoy throughout the day, you may wonder if it needs to be refrigerated or if it can left out safely on the counter or table. While technically it could be left out at room temperature for several hours, you may enjoy your water better if you refrigerate it. Refrigerating your detoxes provides several advantages that cannot be matched if you were to leave a pitcher or bottle of this water out on the table or counter. Rather than take away from the health benefits and taste, you should keep your water in the fridge.

Another reason to refrigerate your detoxes involves maximizing their taste. Room temperature water often does not taste very palatable, even if it has fruit and vegetable slices in it. When you want to enjoy the fresh, full flavor of your detox, you can do so by refrigerating it for several hours before drinking it. The coldness allows the full flavor of the fruit and vegetables in your detox to hit your tongue as you drink it. You will find that the water is more palatable and refreshing than if you were to leave it out at room temperature.

Refrigerating the detox also lets the flavors of the fruit and vegetable slices to mesh together better. After you prepare your favorite detox blend, you should let it sit for several hours in your fridge. This time allows the oils and flavors of the ingredients to blend together and create a flavor that appeals to your unique sense of taste. This meshing of flavors cannot happen if you let the water become warm and stagnant. When you want a detox that is delicious as much as it is healthful, you should keep your pitcher or bottles of detox water in the refrigerator for several hours, if not longer.

How Long Does Detox Water Last?

Homemade detox water does not contain the preservatives and chemicals found in commercial drinks. As healthy as your detox is, it also tends to be more fragile than beverages produced in a factory and sold at grocery stores. Because it does not contain preservatives, it cannot last as long as mass produced drinks. When you want to avoid any ill side effects that could come with drinking spoiled detox water, you should know how long it ideally lasts and how soon you should consume it before it goes bad.

Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are prone to spoiling, even if they are kept in the refrigerator. After you create a batch of detox, you should ideally drink it within three days’ time. This time frame allows for the safest consumption of the water before the ingredients may start to spoil and become unsafe to drink. After three days have passed, you would do well to toss out the detox and make a fresh batch.

You can bypass the three day time limit by canning your detox creations. Just as you would can fruit and vegetable juices, you can also can detox water. This water can then be kept in your fridge for longer periods of time. Still, it is best for you to drink it within a few week after canning if you want to enjoy the full benefits of the water. This time frame lets you avoid any possible side effects like an upset stomach or food poisoning that could come from consuming outdated fruit and vegetables in your detox.

Is It Bad To Drink Detox Water Everyday?

Many people today have the mindset that anything that tastes good could be bad for you in great quantities. While that belief holds true for eating candy or drinking soda, it does not apply to detox water. Consumed in sensible quantities, detoxes can be safe to drink everyday without you suffering from dire side effects like bloating or gas. The key to avoiding ill side effects involves drinking this water in modest amounts and at the right time of day.

Many people who detox daily drink their water first thing in the morning. They drink it 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast so that they avoid overeating and also so they digest their food better. While some people only drink one detox in the morning, others drink another in the evening before bed. This second serving helps people’s bodies break down fat in their digestive systems and also helps their bowels move better.

However, aside from drinking a typical daily serving of detox, some people drink several glasses a day as part of an intense detox process. If they have been unwell or they just want to increase their energy, people may replace their regular meals with detox water. Before you try such a process, however, you should prepare for it by eating a liquid diet for several days prior to starting an intense detox.

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