Is Detox Water Safe While Pregnant?

Women must take every precaution when they are pregnant to safeguard their health and that of their unborn baby. Many doctors urge women to gain at least 20 pounds while they are expecting to improve their chances of a healthy baby and safe delivery. However, expectant mothers may suffer ill health if they have built up toxins in their bodies due to poor diet or illness. When they ask themselves is detox water safe while pregnant, they should first consult with their doctors and then use common sense if they decide to detox.

It should be noted that pregnant women are advised not to undergo an extensive detox diet for days on end. In fact, they should keep up with their normal, healthy diet while adding modest amounts of detox water to their daily regimens. An extensive detoxification requires that people fast and drink primarily liquid detox for three, seven, or even 10 days at a time. This length of time, combined with an all-liquid diet, is too dangerous for pregnant women to undertake.

Rather, if they want to gently and safely remove toxins from their bodies during pregnancy, women should eat a healthy, balanced diet consisting of low-fat proteins, whole grains, dairy, and other nutritious foods. They can then add a glass of their favorite fruit or vegetable flavored detox once or twice a day to their meals. This modest amount allows their digestive tracts to remove toxins and absorb nutrients better. It also allows their bowels to function better and more frequently, which can be ideal for keeping pregnancy weight gain and bloating within safe limits. Pregnant women must avoid eating or drinking anything that could put them or their unborn children in danger. Detoxes can be added if pregnant women use common sense when using them.

Is Detox Water Safe When Breastfeeding?

Just as they must take care with what they put in their bodies during pregnancy, women must also safeguard their diets while they are breastfeeding. Anything they consume will cross into their breast milk and be consumed as well by their babies. With that, all-natural detoxes can be safe for a nursing mom to drink as long as she uses forethought and common sense when doing so. She should take these tips into mind before adding detoxes to her diet.

First, it is important that the nursing mother use pure ingredients to make her detoxes. The fruits and vegetables should be fresh and in season; they should also be washed thoroughly to rid the surfaces of any contaminants like pesticides, fungus, or rot. Next, she should also make sure that she does not include any herb that could upset her baby’s stomach. While many detox enthusiasts may add ingredients like garlic or basil, these components can cause a baby to suffer from colic and gas.

Last, she should make sure she eats and drinks enough calories to sustain her breastfeeding. Nursing mothers must double their caloric intake at minimum to keep their bodies producing enough breast milk for their infants. Detoxes have few calories, which is ideal for other people who want to lose weight. However, nursing mothers must drink their detoxes with healthy meals that have enough calories to maintain their nursing. If they rely on detoxes alone for nutrients and calories, their milk could dry up and they may have to stop nursing altogether.

Can I Detox With Just Water?

While many fans of detoxes add fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients to their water, it is possible to detox with just water alone. In fact, these detoxes are often known as water fasts. Fans of water fasts argue that because the body consists primarily of water, water alone is all that is needed to relieve or reverse many ailments that plague people’s health. However, it should be noted that health experts advise against novices starting water fasts. They should work themselves up to a fast by drinking only water for several hours each day and then adding food like brown rice or raw fruits and vegetables to their diets.

People who are experienced in fasting can undertake a water detox with supervision. Supervision is typically required for even the heartiest of individuals because a water fast can cause a person to experience rare, but ill side effects like heart palpitations or dizziness. Further, water rarely staves off a faster’s appetite. Having someone supervise can help the detoxing individual stay on track and avoid indulging in foods and drinks that could undermine the process.

People also should avoid doing water detoxes for long periods of time. Health experts suggest one to three day fasts for most people. More experienced people could perhaps endure a 10-day water fast if they add a small meal of whole grains and proteins to their regimen at least once a day.

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