Does Detox Water Help With Acne?

People often form their first opinions about based on the way you look. When you have acne, it can be difficult for you to present the image on which you would like others to judge you. Acne can happen to anyone, even people who try to take the best care of their skin. Getting rid of it can be very difficult because many over-the-counter products like soaps, lotions, and astringents simply do not work very well. When you want to avoid using these harsh commercial products on your skin and fight your acne in a more natural and beneficial way, you may be convinced to try detox water.

Detox water for acne can be formulated to battle any number of health conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, constipation, and diabetes. They also can be an effective resource in fighting skin conditions, most notably acne. For starters, p0roper hydration is essential when it comes to clearing your skin. However, the ingredients that you put into your detox can give your skin a direct boost of nutrients that it needs to eliminate the toxins and bacteria that are causing acne.

Making a detox that will fight acne requires that you use ingredients that have the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs to become clear again. Lemons and limes, for example, contain ample doses of antioxidants that can be absorbed from your digestive tract and go directly to your skin. Cucumber contains silica, which helps tighten your pores and keeps out toxins that cause such blemishes. When you use detoxes to help clear your skin, it is important that you allow the detox water to sit for awhile in your refrigerator before drinking it. The time that it sits allows the nutrients to blend with the water. Likewise, you need to drink it for several days, if not several weeks, before you begin to see results.

Best Detox Water For Acne

When it comes to making the best detox water for acne, it is important that you use high-quality water and containers to make this beverage. In fact, even if your local tap water is safe and clear, you may fare better to use filtered or bottled water for the best results. Local tap water can sometimes contain microscopic debris that only contributes to your skin problems instead of helping to clear them. Bottled and filtered water can be found at any grocery store.

Along with using clean, pure water, you should also make sure that the bottles or containers in which you pour your water are also sanitary. If you can, you should use brand new containers that have been put through a wash cycle in your dishwasher. You can also wash them in bleach water to kill any bacteria or toxin that might be lingering in them. Eliminating the toxins inside the containers lets you know that the detox you put inside of them will be as pure and healthy as possible. You avoid the fear that fungus, bacteria, or other harmful debris could make its way into your detox.

Creating the best detox also requires that you wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Just as you would never eat an unwashed piece of fruit or vegetable, you also should never cut up unwashed produce and put it into your detox water. Ideally, you should wash it in hot water and use a commercial produce washing spray to remove fungus and bacteria on the rinds and peels. If you cannot find the produce cleansing spray, you can wash your fruit and vegetables in hot water and mild soap.

Apple And Water Detox for Acne

Along with lemons, limes, and cucumbers, apples are also known to help people who have skin problems like acne. Apples contain many vital nutrients needed for good health, including Vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and protein. When combine with water to make a detox, apple can prove to be a powerful ingredient that can speed up the process of healing your skin and also keep the toxins that cause acne away for good.

To make an apple water detox, you can either cut up the washed apples into slices and add them to pure water in a clean container. You can then allow this water to sit for several hours or overnight in your fridge before drinking it. This resting period allows the nutrients in the apple to mesh with the water.

You can also boil apple slices with your purified water to create an apple detox water for acne infusion. Boiling helps the apple releases its powerful nutrients into the water faster and also makes a concentrated detox that will become a powerful and healthy drink for you to consume as you fight your acne. The infusion will also have a more intense and refreshing flavor, which will help you look forward to drinking your detox every day.

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