Does Coconut Water Detox The Body?

Detox water recipes can utilize virtually any fruit or vegetable, as well as purified. However, coconut water detoxes are different because they utilize the water inside the coconut rather than bottled or filtered water from a tap. In fact, coconut water is quickly rising in popularity among people who want to improve their health. Even so, the question of does coconut water detox the body as well as other detoxes may come to mind before you try this beverage. You can be convinced once you learn the health benefits that coconuts and coconut offer to you.

Coconut water is in fact one of the purest forms of water on the planet. It does not contain any contaminants or debris commonly found in city water supplies. It also does not need to be purified by boiling or filtering it. People who live in the tropics where this fruit is plentiful have long known how to cut the tops off coconuts and drink the water straight from the inside. It contains virtually every nutrient that your body needs for good health, and it is also alkaline, which helps your body eliminate toxins from inside your digestive tract. With that, it can be said safely that a detox made from coconuts works just as well, if not better than any fruit or vegetable detox recipe.

It should be noted, however, that coconut water is a natural diuretic and will cause you to have to use the restroom quite often. Rather than consist solely on this detox water, you should drink it with a balanced diet. You should also drink plenty of plain water because coconut water is high in sugar. Plain water helps flush out the excess sugar and also keeps your blood glucose levels in check.

Benefits Of Coconut Water Detox

Coconut water contains most of the essential nutrients you need for good health. In fact, it contains a host of proteins, along with minerals like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B-complex vitamins, folate, calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorous, among numerous others. Because it has such high amounts of nutrients, coconut water arguably can improve your health better and faster than other detoxes, including those made with apples, lemons, and other vitamin-rich fruits. The massive vitamins and minerals in coconut water also make this detox ideal for treating any range of health conditions, including obesity, constipation, and anemia.

Another reason that people are increasingly becoming fans of coconut water detox centers around the carbohydrate and sugar content in the water itself. When people drink a fruit or vegetable detox, they often experience energy crashes because the ingredients in their drinks lack sufficient amounts of carbs and sugars to maintain energy. However, coconut water contains sufficient amounts of caloric energy to prevent people from experiencing sluggishness, headaches, and other symptoms of fasting. They report that their coconut water detox leaves them satisfied, despite the fact that they are in essence using this water as a detoxing fast.

Because it does contain high amounts of sugar, people who want to detox effectively are reminded to drink plain water or fruit or veggie detoxes along with their coconut water detox. If they drink the coconut water alone throughout the day, people may notice that their blood sugar spikes and that they may be going to the bathroom more often than usual. To keep their bodies well regulated, they should drink plain water to flush out the sugar and to avoid dehydration.

Where To Buy Coconut Water Detox?

Despite becoming more popular, many people may not be sure where to buy coconut water detoxes. Many national chain grocery stores are now selling coconut water in their produce departments. Likewise, health food stores have long sold this water as part of their regular inventory. Coconut water often comes in glass bottles or in juice boxes. It is usually available throughout the year, in fact.

If you want to try water straight from a coconut, you should understand how to pick out the best coconut for this purpose. Detox experts note that green coconuts are in fact the best when it comes to drinking water straight from this fruit. Green coconuts contain more water that is fresher and full of the nutrients that people want when they detox. Even so, mature coconuts can work almost as well if your local stores do not sell green varieties. You can get to the water by cutting off the top portion of the coconut and then inserting a straw inside the skull.

Some people have found that they stay on their coconut water detox process if they eat the meat of the coconut along with drinking the water. This option can be ideal if you want to lose weight and prefer to go off your normal diet for a few days.

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