Does Apple Cinnamon Detox Water Work?

Trusting an all-natural remedy for common health ailments can be difficult for many people. If you have always used over-the-counter or prescription products to treat what ails you, you may not believe that an organic and 100 percent detox water can really offer you any healthful benefits. However, the ingredients that go into any detox, such as an apple cinnamon detox water, are scientifically proven to offer you a wide range of benefits even if you eat or drink them by themselves. When combined in water, these healthy ingredients go through your body’s systems faster and more thoroughly, letting your body quickly gain the nutrients it needs for good health.

Of course, any time you use a new, all-natural remedy like a detox, you also must take steps to alter your lifestyle to help this drink work as effectively as possible. For example, if you are using the apple cinnamon water to control your glucose, you cannot expect it to work if you continue eating sugary foods like candy and pastries. You must eliminate or greatly reduce these foods from your diet for the cinnamon and apple water to do its job.

Likewise, if you are drinking the water to clear up acne and skin blemishes, you must continue to wash your face daily and avoid foods and drinks that are known to cause skin problems. While detoxes are powerful and offer you a wide array of benefits, you likewise must consider your lifestyle and diet and make adjustments as necessary. This alteration, in fact, is no different than if you were to undergo a medical procedure or take a prescription medication. You also might be required to stop certain lifestyle activities or avoid eating certain foods to allow for these medical interventions’ success. With that, when you help the detox work to its fullest in your body, you will see the fastest results and be more satisfied with the way you look and feel.

How To Make Apple Cinnamon Detox Water?

Along with being satisfied with the way you look and feel, you can be happy with the way your apple cinnamon detox water tastes when you take a few simple, yet necessary precautions when preparing it at home. For starters, you want to use water that is as fresh and pure as possible. Your tap water may taste fine when you brew coffee or tea or even when you drink it straight from the faucet. However, unless you know for sure that your city’s water is pure, it could contain additives or debris from the water lines that could alter your detox’s taste. You may fare better to use bottled or filtered water for your recipe.

You should take care when you select your apples for your recipe. You should try to use apples that are in season and also are free from blemishes like bruises, mold, or rot. Once you have your fresh apples cleaned and rinsed, you can cut them into sections, remove the seeds, and either pare the sections into chunks or leave the sections whole. Place a handful of apple slices into the bottom of a container, along with a whole cinnamon stick, and fill the container to the top with water.

You should then allow this combination to rest in your refrigerator for several hours or overnight before drinking it. This resting period allows the flavors to mesh and helps the apples and cinnamon release their essential oils that will benefit your overall health. The flavor and benefits of the water will last for up to three days. After the third day, you should make a fresh batch and pour the old batch out. The old batch may have begun to spoil and no longer be healthy to drink.

Ground Cinnamon Apple Detox Water

Although a whole cinnamon stick is typically considered to be ideal for this detox recipe, you can make do with ground cinnamon if you cannot find whole sticks in your grocery or health food store. The ground cinnamon should be fresh and not past its expiration date. You also should use cinnamon from a reputable brand.

To add ground cinnamon to your water, you should pour it carefully over the top of the apples that you have added to the bottom of the container. As you fill it up with water, you will notice that the cinnamon floats and swirls around in the water. If you prefer, you can add more cinnamon to the top of the water once the container is filled.

When you wonder “Does apple cinnamon detox water work better warm?”, you can also boil ground cinnamon with water and apples to get your infused apple cinnamon water detox. Boiling allows the cinnamon to mesh thoroughly with the water and speeds up the process of this ingredient releasing its essential oils. It also creates a more intense flavor in the water.

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