Detox Water Benefits

As people rush to and from work or school each day, they often rely on beverages like soda or coffee to keep them energized and awake. However, while these beverages are popular with of all ages today, they also offer few, if any, nutritional benefits. Doctors have warned for years that drinking too much coffee, soda, and other sugar-laden beverages can raise people’s risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, gum disease, and other serious illnesses. When people want to drink something throughout the day that will actually be good for them, they are encouraged to try detox water.

Detox water can be consumed several times each day when people want to get rid of debilitating toxins in their bodies and improve their overall health. In fact, with many people today eating processed food from fast food restaurants or the grocery store, they ingest chemicals and preservatives that can harm their bodies. When they want to eliminate these chemicals naturally and provide a boost to their digestive tracts and immune system, they can drink a detoxifying water blend that tastes good and also provides numerous health benefits.

Despite the taste and the health benefits, people may still be reluctant to try these beverages because they believe that they will not have time each day to prepare their water blends. In fact, detoxifying water is easy to prepare and only requires a few moments of a person’s time. It can also be prepared in large batches and stored in the refrigerator for later. People also can mix and match fruits and vegetables to come up with blends that suit their unique health needs and palates. As they begin to consume this water instead of coffee or soda, people should notice that they feel more energized and that their bodies function better.

What Is Detox Water?

Detox water is simply water that has been infused with a person’s choice of fresh fruits and vegetables. People can combine any blend of fruits and vegetables in a glass or bottle of water to create a drink that is uniquely flavored and offers a range of health benefits. Some of the more popular fruits and vegetables used in this water include oranges, lemons, cucumbers, mint, and watermelon. Other people choose to add cayenne pepper, aloe, or other ingredients to address specific health concerns.

People can add as many or as few fruits and vegetables to their water as they prefer. However, if they want to combat certain health conditions like high glucose or poor immunity, they should research what ingredients best address those issues. For example, someone who wants to fight constant colds or the flu may do well to use lemons and oranges in the detoxifying water because these fruits contain massive doses of Vitamin C. Someone who suffers from frequent upset stomach and heartburn may fare better with less acidic ingredients like mint and cucumber. Detoxes that help burn fat also tend to be popular with people who favor these drinks. Strawberries and raspberries are known to contain fat-burning qualities.

When it comes to creating the ideal blend, people should experiment and choose fruit and vegetable flavors that appeal to them. They can also create dozens of different detoxes that they can store in their refrigerators and drink whenever they need a specific health boost. These detoxes are fat free and have very few calories because the fruits and vegetables themselves are low in calories and high in nutritional benefits. People who want to reap the highest amount of benefits possible also may be advised to use filtered or bottled water instead of tap water. Filtered or bottled water tends to be more pure and better tasting than tap water.

What Does Detox Water Do?

As its name implies, detox water detoxifies a person’s body. People ingest toxins when they eat processed food, drink beverages that are laden with artificial flavors and coloring, or expose themselves to contaminated soil and water in the environment. They may be unaware that these toxins are affecting their health until they find it difficult to fight off infections, lose weight, move their bowels, or digest food normally. When people want to regain their normal functions, they may choose to avoid the food and drinks that they suspect are affecting their overall wellness. They can speed up their recoveries, however, by drinking detoxifying water that they make themselves at home.

It may take a few days or even a week or longer to notice the positive affects of these water blends. Nonetheless, people should continue to drink their detoxes until they achieve the results they want. Many people choose to do a three or nine day detox to improve their bowel health, for example. When they have had irregular movements in the past few weeks, it can take close to a week of drinking detoxes for people to enjoy better digestive health. Likewise, people who seem to come down with frequent colds may need to drink lemon and orange infused detoxifying water for a week or more to notice the positive effects of the Vitamin C.

By consuming these drinks regularly, people steadily reverse the damage that the toxins in their bodies have inflicted. They also eliminate the toxins naturally and replace them with important nutritional vitamins and minerals. The detox drinks additionally help curb people’s cravings for soda, coffee, and processed food. This appetite suppression helps people lose weight and feel better.

Why Is Detox Water Good For You?

People need water to survive. However, water alone provides few nutritional benefits that people today need. When they want to drink something that will help them rather than harm them, many people find that detox water fills this need. Along with helping keep them hydrated, this water also provides important daily nutrients that are vital for good health, energy, and weight control. These benefits cannot be found in coffee, soda, fruit juice, and other popular drinks. Detoxifying water blends provide unique advantages that have made these blends more popular among health enthusiasts today.

Along with providing a daily infusion of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients, these water combinations also are low in calories and fat. In fact, they are fat-free and have very few calories, unlike fruit juice and soda. They additionally are free from dyes, preservatives, and chemicals that are found in massive amounts in processed foods and drinks. The ingredients that go into these waters are natural and pure. When people drink them, they avoid worrying about what they are putting into their bodies and what adverse effects it can have on their health.

Because they are all natural, people who suffer from health conditions that prevent eating and drinking many commercial products can safely drink detox waters without any complications to their illnesses. Diabetics, for example, can drink a detox without suffering a spike in glucose levels. Someone who has high blood pressure and must avoid sodium likewise can enjoy a detox blend without experiencing a spike in his or her blood pressure readings. Detoxes are safe for people of all ages to consume and also can be enjoyed by pregnant women who must avoid drinking too much caffeine and sugar during their pregnancies.

Does Detox Water Really Work?

When it comes to any popular health trend, skeptics always wonder if it really works. In fact, fans of detoxes have had an easy time proving that their detoxifying water works because the health benefits of pure water, as well as fruits and vegetables, are already scientifically well known. Even more, doctors have long suggested that adding more water to one’s diet is a great way of losing weight and increasing metabolism. Given what doctors and scientists have been touting for years, it stands to reason that detoxifying water really does work well when it comes to improving people’s wellness.

However, even the most die-hard of skeptics may want further proof before trying out one of these drinks themselves. Health enthusiasts have taken to the Internet to boast about their own results after adding this water to their diet. People who use social networking, for example, can find numerous posts about how detox fans now enjoy better health and have lower weight because of this drink. Despite the numerous posts about the advantages of detoxing, doctors still warn people to use common sense when adding this drink to their diets. Skeptics and fans alike should remember to pair their water with exercise and a sensible diet.

Of course, many people are won over to detoxes after trying these water combinations themselves. They enjoy the freedom to create their own unique fruit and vegetable blends that satisfy their palates and also help them improve their health. This freedom cannot be found in over-the-counter health products that usually come in a limited range of flavors and sizes. By using fruits and vegetables that they like, people can create water detoxes that work the best for them and address their unique wellness concerns.